PRINT # 04 / “Bad Babies” by Sean Cliver
Signed by Sean Cliver and Adam McNatt (April 2015)

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Following the art show around my book Agents Provocateurs : 100 Subversive Skateboard Graphics (buy it here!) @ Subliminal Projects in LA, that just wrapped up, I got the opportunity to buy back from the gallery the  leftover Sean Cliver prints we got made especially for the show. 

This time, we printed the infamous “Bad Babies” graphic that Sean did for 101/Adam McNatt back in 1993, in a new colorway. Edition of 100, hand-numbered and signed by Sean Cliver AND Adam McNatt! There are only 26 left signed by both of’em…

101 Skateboards Adam McNatt “Bad Babies”
by Sean Cliver (1993)

. 5-color screen print on 290-gram Coventry Velum paper
. Edition of 100 (of which only 37 were signed by both Cliver and McNatt)
Size: 9 1/2 x 28 1/2 in.
(24 x 73 cm)

Email me to know availabilty to :


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MEMORY SCREENED PRINT SERIES # 3 / Natas Devil Worship by Marc Mc Kee (Limited run of 100, signed): SOLD OUT ! (April 2013)


After last year’s great experience with the Cliver/Charles Manson and Todd Francis/Nature’s Revenge prints, I decided to go ahead and do one print a year from now on, honoring artists that really made skateboards not look like skis or frying pans over the years…

Also, let’s face it, it’s kind of a way for me, you and everybody else to display the sickest board graphics ever without spending 4 Grand into an actual NOS board found on Ebay.

It went through a few tribulations, which definitely contribute to fuel the strange curse theories around this graphic (ever got your test print shipped to Texas mysteriously? Me, yes), but finally, yes, it’s here! Just saying, the two last ones sold out in two weeks… Feel me? Without further ado, and quite a pride, and an eternal gratitude for Natas’ and Marc McKee’s support on this project, let me introduce you to this…

Memory Screened Print Series # 3 :

 101 skateboards Natas Kaupas
« Devil Worship » graphic (1991)
by Marc McKee
Run of 100, signed by Natas Kaupas and Marc McKee
On 270-gram Arches paper)

This will is a unique run of 100 prints, all numbered and signed by both Natas and Marc McKee –there won’t be one more printed after these run out, so don’t sleep ! Last time they pretty much sold out in two weeks, to give you an idea.

Quality-wise, the seps were all re-drawn by Marc McKee himself especially for this print, and we decided to work with the amazing workshop Something Ill (Already responsible for the super sick job on Marc’s Dave Hackett tribute prints).

Paper ? Of course, a classic 270 gram Velin d’Arches, inked from actuel silk screens (because, well, fuck digi/laser bullshit, to put it in layman terms).

Tech stuff
. Dimensions : 28 ½ x 9 ½ in. (73 x 24 cm)
. 5-color+grey silk screen print on 270-gram Velin d’Arches by Something Ill.
. Limited edition of 100, hand numbered and signed by Natas Kaupas and Marc McKee
. Back of print stamped by printer (guaranteeing its authenticity)





OK, so that was the big surprise that was pathetically hyped up in the post below -need some work on my marketing skills, I know. Regardless, here’s the deal: last summer I was curating a few chunks of that huge skateboard art show in Paris called Public DomaineThrasher Peabody cover et all.

Besides picking the photographers exhibited on the fourth floor, I was in charge of a deck exhibit downstairs under the moniker Agents Provocateurs -an anthology of offensive/controversial/political/message-charged skateboard graphics from then (1990-ish) to now.

So that could have been that. But the venue in question bares a souvenirs-type of shop, and I thought it’d be cool to pick a few of the graphics exhibited and make super high-quality silk-screen prints of them, just a run of 100 prints for each. The two chosen ones ended up being the Sean Cliver “Charles Manson Brown” done for 101 in 1993, and Todd Francis’ “Nature’s Revenge” deck for Julien Stranger out on Antihero.

To make sure this awesome art was going to be treated right, I really wanted to work with Anagraphis/Les Freres Lumineux, whose outstanding portfolio print work for legendary alternative cartoonists (Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton…) is mind-blowing, albeit of course not cheap at all. Prints were made, they looked great, a bunch sold at the show… But the leftover was pretty much promised to rot in the shop’s basement (as in: exposed to water leakage! Unbelievable) once it was over. It killed me to see it going to waste. So in superhero fashion, I went and salvaged the about 50 prints of each graphic left. The only thing I forgot is that I was broke but fuck it, I bought them all back. And here they are now. Once these are gone, they’re gone, and now they’ll be for sale from Memory Screened. Once this post is pushed down, they’ll still be available while supplies last by clicking on the “Print Shop” page up there.

So, if I was you I’d hurry ’cause these will be going fast and there aren’t a ton left, they will never be re-printed, they’re hand numbered (the Sean Cliver one is also hand-signed by Sean) and mind you that I’m selling them at pretty close to what they cost me.

On a final note, I really wanted to thank all these people involved who accepted just prints as compensation for having their art/name/companies associated to these -and who understood that that whole project is far from being a money-maker: Sean Cliver, Todd Francis, Natas Kaupas, Jim Thiebaud, Julien Stranger. Thanks, dudes!

Anyway, enough talk, here are specs and prices for each one:

Antihero Julien Stranger / Nature’s Revenge series graphic
by Todd Francis, 1993

. Dimensions : 73cm x 23 cm

. 8-color silk screen print on 270-gram Velin d’Arches paper by Anagraphis.

. Limited edition of 100 only (no reprints after that), hand numbered. Signature of Todd Francis is printed, NOT hand-signed.

. Printed line on bottom states that it was made exclusively for the Public Domaine Art Show in Paris, summer 2011

. Back of print signed and stamped by the printer (guaranteeing its authenticity)

. Price : SOLD OUT !


101 Adam McNatt / Charles Manson Brown graphic
by Sean Cliver (1993)

. Dimensions : 73cm x 23 cm

. 8-color silk screen print on 270-gram Velin d’Arches paper by Anagraphis

. Series of 100 only (no reprints after that), hand numbered and signed by Sean Cliver!

. Back of print signed and stamped by the printer (guaranteeing its authenticity)

. Printed line on bottom states that it was made exclusively for the Public Domaine Art Show in Paris, summer 2011

. Price: SOLD OUT !

To order, or if you have any question or inquiry: email me !


2 Responses to “(( PRINT SHOP ! ))”

  1. 1 mds February 9, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Great. I’m not sure how to order one. No form or instructions.

  2. 2 sebcarayol February 9, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    hey mds ! I’m techno-retarded so i heard its’ possible to insert a paypal thing/form in there somewhere but I’m not sure I’ll have the patience to do that… best is to email me, and go through paypal.

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