“You may have understimated the negative selling power of my name”

So apparently I can add “shipping slave” to my LinkedIn profile now, heh? This silk-screen print non-business worked beyond all my expectations, so stoked that people care. I honestly thought it would take years for them to sell out -there’s ONE Cliver left, and maybe 8 Francises, crazy.
But you know what the best thing was? Getting to be in touch with all these cool people all over the world who ordered prints. It ranged from legendary ’90s Supernaut skaters to skate dudes in South Africa, from Australian documentary makers to designers, and that was the best. Some even sent shit in the mail!
Here’s a mini sum up of some of the stuff I got to get/discover. Not a bad day at work!

1. Julien Stranger letter

This was after I sent him a letter myself cause I realized only after the fact that the Todd Francis print bared Julien’s name in huge on it. Which can be, I don’t know, uncomfortable having your name out there without you knowing it beforehand? After I awkwardly apologized, this is what I got in the mail. Pure act of class! Thanks man. This. Is .Good.

2. Keenan Milton “Forever” sticker

Sent by the notorious Titletownjeff out of the non-less notorious Skull and Bones forum. It was accompanied by an amazing hallmark-type card, and actual cash inside the envelope. Now that’s old-school.

3. Corey Hague’s documentary about wrestling

It’s all here.

4. Aye Jay unreleased artwork

Didn’t order the print but got in touch following the whole frenzy around them, so I guess that counts. From the dude who brought us the Larry david/Mötörhead non-collab, mind you! This is his site.

5. Trent Bonham’s sick deck collection

I suppose no caption is needed? Check it entirely here.

6. Eric Lehman’s soft good version

I guess the print is an okay consolation, but when you own the OG shirt (“Bob Shirt” tag and all!) like Eric does… score!


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