Snail mail reactivity in Twitter times


The distribution might have moved West, way out West, Cliché‘s dreams haven’t dwindled –thanks, Thesaurus. On the semi-old news front, but I’ll allow myself the luxury of having a snail-mail reactivity in these twitter times, you already know that Cliché does have a Sean Cliver board out that was properly silk-screened, and it looks awesome, and I won’t even go through the headache of explaining the classic aesthetical dichotomy (silk-screened/heat transfer, organic/supermarket, analogic/numeric): if you ended up here, you understand.

This in mind, this post is here for a few reasons:

1. To show that I’m still alive, thanks for all the get-better-soon letters.

2. Why pass the opportunity to display an original Cliver draft when you get the chance?

3. Did you know that the Cliché book Résumé is finally about to be out? I sort of said so already last year in Skateboarder, but this time it has an official release date : December 09. Check the outtakes already.

4. To display my dense network of informants, the two of them, within the industry. Gossip has it that Cliver might be working on a second board, and that McKee will be doing one as well, the body of work being described by an insider’s source as  “fucked up, controversial shit for sure.” Sounds good to me!



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