Shiloh Greathouse: “I used to write ‘Jinx’ cause I liked the Marty Jimenez Vision board”


Getting ready for le Tour de Long Beach

In legal terms, they probably can qualify for mild burglary. That’s why the product raids at the World warehouse in the early 90s have become legendary. For Shiloh Greathouse, one of the looters-in-chief, it started timidly. “The first time I went,” he laughs, “I was accompanied by Rodney [Mullen], who was really frugal. But Ron Chatman showed up and kind of yelled at me for not daring. He made me the biggest box ever, it was bulging. Rodney didn’t say anything.”
With such a good teacher, the graffiti artist known as “Hyst” learned the ropes fast. Shiloh then got the first Big Brother cover, led the New World Order, got locked up for a year, almost sunk with the ship as he stayed on Deca –“kind of World Industries’ graveyard”, he lucidly analyses today-, owned a skate-shop in the Philippines, was part of Bueno’s excellent adventure. He now shares his time between his board and one of these fancy Bianchi Concept fixed-gear bikes, operating an accessory company called Bici Concepts.

A true busy bee -for those who remember his website- he nevertheless found time to dig some old boards. “Even though a lot of my favorite stayed at my ex-girlfriend’s”, he regrets as he lines up his selection on the floor of his LBC house. Still, what he got left with will do. Even though his boxes now look more like Rodney’s than Ron Chatman’s…

dsc_0021World Industries Prison Bitches (1993)
Art by : Daniel Dunphy

“There was a board with me and Kareem [Campbell] on it before this one, which I wish I had. Kareem was driving and I was shooting a cop with a Super Soaker. So it was an ongoing story, on this one supposedly, we get arrested. At the time, I wasn’t getting arrested too much. Maybe after (laughs)… I was getting in trouble though, a lot, especially with the graffiti and everything, I was running around being stupid.

To me, the best part of this board is the top graphic, with the mugshots. Kareem and I, we’ve never been arrested together, though. I don’t really know if Kareem has ever been arrested in his life!”

Daniel Dunphy : “The Super Soaker graphic came about as Kareem wanted a board with them doing an actual drive by on the cop. I remember having to tell him that I couldn’t draw them killing the cop out of respect for my dad -he was a sheriff.”

dsc_00153World Industries Tag Banger (1994)
Art by : Marc McKee / Sean Martinez

“Graffiti and skateboarding kinda went hand in hand when I started skating. Pretty much everybody I knew when I got my first real board in 1984 was also a graffiti artist. The best example being this dude ‘SK8,’ who was the leader of the big LA crew CBS, it’s been big for ever. He was a skater his whole life, just a great guy, but he got ran over by a train doing graffiti.

Myself, I went through so many names… I used to write ‘Jinx’ for a long time, cause I used to like the [Vision] Jinx Marty Jimenez board, but there was already a big graffitti artist in LA by this name, so I stopped. I was going by ‘Hyst’ then, and there are other pros on here: ‘Nex,’ that’s Billy Valdez, ‘Odeeo’ is Fabian Alomar, ‘Naise’ is Joey Suriel, ‘Cyve’ is Eric Pupecki…

This board was done by my friend Snow One, who got a job there. He was an acquaintance through graffiti so obviously, since I was the only guy he knew, he did a few of my graphics. Like the one with the cat on top of a pyramid, I had a few Egyptian-influenced boards cause my dad is Egyptian.”

Mark Mc Kee: “I did the artwork of the cop on this board, and I got Sean Martinez a.k.a. Snow One to do the artwork for the tags in the background so they would look more authentic.  DOC meant Doped out children, and WCA stood for West Coast Artists.”

dscWorld Industries Piglets (1995)
Art by : Jay Bryan

“This was a play on some of the original Rocco stuff, the whole fairy tale, children’s book graphics thing. I can’t remember specifically which graphic it was inspired from, though. [It was Rocco’s last Sims/first SMA Rocco Division board]. At some point World had five in-house artists, they were filling this drawer with graphics and we just had to pick a one we liked, but this one was done for me specifically, cause I had a few more nostalgic World Industries graphics early on, I wish I had a board to show.

This on this boards, that’s the piglets from Winnie The Pooh, I am not sure what Rocco graphic had them on it. He was the only one to have the Winnie the Pooh stuff cause Rocco kinda looked like a bear, short, stocky, that’s the official explanation. This board is pretty rare, it was a quick graphic I guess, as soon as it came out they had the next one lined-up, which was a series for the whole team.”

dsc_0012Krooked Gest Board (2005)
Art by : Mark Gonzales

“This one came out when I wasn’t skating for anybody, after Deca ended I was over the pro thing. I mean in the World days I had made a decent amount of money so I lived off savings for a while, plus I met a guy from the Philippines and opened a skate-shop there for a year.

It was pretty good for a while, I had a good connection: one of the guys working at my skate-shop, his father-in-law was a general there, so he’d bring all my stuff through and I never had to pay import tax. But after a while people found out… That was an odd one. After that I made a video, Skateboarding Is Dead, that was 2004.

Anyway, I was friends with Mark Gonzales from the OG World days, and I hadn’t seen him for years, me and my friend were skating at this park in East LA, when he randomly showed up with Jake Phelps and told me he was starting this new company with Deluxe, and to call him up if I needed boards. So I started getting boards from them and skated my ass off. I was hoping to ride for Krooked, cause I love Mark and I thought the company was awesome. Tommy and Jim, they’re real skaters, they’re great, I would send them rough copies of my video and they helped me shape it. Then the [First Love] Transworld part came out and they surprized me at the premiere with the Gest board. It was a limited run of 350.”

dsc_0029Bueno Winter Bear (2006)
Art by : Michael Sieben

“In 2006, Stacy Lowery approached me cause he was starting a company with Michael Sieben, called Bueno. I didn’t know him but I was really into the funny stuff he wrote in Thrasher, I thought he was a funny guy.

Stacy, I’ve known him from the World days, at one point we both were a lot into cars. After First Love, he approached me. They had this tight, small team, great ideas and graphics. It’s really sad it didn’t last…

Graphic-wise, it was more based off Sieben’s art rather, than something personal to us. Looking back now, to me, it was the best company I ever rode for.”

Special thanks : Sean Cliver


5 Responses to “Shiloh Greathouse: “I used to write ‘Jinx’ cause I liked the Marty Jimenez Vision board””

  1. 1 cheaps April 23, 2009 at 3:12 am

    So dope – that tag board was one of the best boards I rode. Wish I’d stuck it on the wall, not trashed it. Why doesn’t Cliver put together a decent book of only World/101/Blind/etc etc graphics – now that would be a sick ass book to own.

  2. 2 carpenns June 7, 2009 at 7:12 am

    I agree with the book idea. I was searching for ‘jim phillips santa cruz’ and thought for sure that dewd would have a book. How’s bout a ‘complete history of skateboard art, 1985 – 95′ or something?…research and compilation worthy of a Phd I say. How’s bout’ a stick o’ rama reissue?…idunno.

  3. 3 Ed June 13, 2009 at 8:17 am

    This is my new favourite website. I’ll have to make an award out of card and glue and send it over.

  4. 4 Paul August 4, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Good to see something on Shiloh. I hope things work out for him. It hasn’t been the same not seeing ads and new footage from him.

    Sucks about what happened to Bueno, what about Roger?

  5. 5 Keith April 9, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Amazing post. Our local shop always seemed to have Shiloh boards. Out of all the Prime wood I rode back in the day, the majority were Shiloh decks.

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