Extra | Lance’s greatest almosts

I really liked in the post below how Lance Mountain tries to get now boards he could only dream of when he was a kid. Were there other ones? Oh yes. Here are a few of the red-headed stepchildren that would be locked in his garage if he ever could put his hands on them… 

“As I was thinking about the 5 dream deck I wish I could have or should have got when I was young all I could think was, I did have some of the good ones. We saw the new stuff mostly in the magazines and never saw much selection at the shops. As I really put some effort into it, all I could remember is there were some that would have been great to get if I was smart at the time, but being 12 or 13 you don’t look that far ahead. And yes these were real deck someone manufactured and tried to sell them to us.”
-Lance Mountain

1. The “Wheelee Board”
To Replace all other Conventional Skateboards


“The Skateboard with the extra long tail with a truck on it so if you do a wheelee as it was even named for. [If you where in wheelie position] your front truck would now be on backwards and turn the wrong direction. I don’t think they tested it first. Would be cool to have.”

2. The “Skircle”, skiers welcome


“Just as it sounds, Looks like the whole idea stemmed from the Yin and the Yang. Skiers welcomed.”

3.The “Torpedo Kicktail Model”


“In every era we have companies that can’t sell product based on the whole package of team, image, media coverage, inspiration and product. So they go the price war way. Look at this quality complete deck for twelve dollars. I have know idea why I did not get one when I was 13 years old. The manufacture was four blocks from my house when I was a kid.”

4. “Head Honcho”, The Official Olympic skateboard


“It was 1978 and the reason we skateboarded was to get away from everyone especially team sports, coaches, rules and everything The Olympics stood for. Maybe Head Honcho should give it another go, the time might be right.”

5. The “Track Force” from the future


I really wanted to show you one of my favorites from this time, the “Get Bent”, it was a skateboard that had a cabinet hinge in the middle so you could fold it up and put it in your locker at school if they did not allow you to bring it to class. I could not find the ad so we will save that for another time and give you this, the Track Force.”


2 Responses to “Extra | Lance’s greatest almosts”

  1. 1 Geoff March 12, 2013 at 4:30 am

    hey i have a head honcho deck, any idea what its worth

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