Lance Mountain: “Like a complete from Target”


“I like them used”, Lance Mountain laughs when he has to pick his five all-time favorite boards from his garage. “Cause I can’t remember my boards ever being new.” That was for the first warning. The second one being, don’t expect any of his own pro-models on Powell Peralta or The (now-defunct) Firm in it, either, because “they’re not the ones that mean the most to me”, he almost apologizes. It’s OK though. Fellows, would a one-of-a-kind deck printed especially for his Future Primitive video part do, instead? Good.
Digging deep in the bowels of his unofficial museum of skateboarding -despite the fact that 70 of his boards were stolen in 1987- this is what Lance Mountain came up with: a slice of skateboarding history. Then again, with 34 years spent skateboarding out of 44 years of age, what less did you expect?

mountain_gt11GT banana board (1975)
“I like that board cause I never, ever owned it back then, and I wanted it so bad. When I started skating, I actually started on a wood, hand-me-down clay-wheel type board, now it sounds a lot cooler but at the time all the kids had these GrenTec banana boards, this was supposedly the good board.
You’d buy it at Sears or something, but I didn’t get it cause we had no money or whatever deal, so I ended up getting a phony GT, mine wasn’t even the right generic board! Everyone had Black Knights, everyone had GTs… I never had the real one so I got this one on Ebay a year ago. It wasn’t a crazy amount of money, 30 bucks maybe. Made in Burbank, California. There’s a little stamp on the bottom with its manufacturing date: November 1975. This was a rad board cause it has that little kicktail.
I love it just for this reason, though: because I never owned it back then. Which is funny cause if you think about it, right now, it’s like I bought a complete from Target!”

mountain_stacy09G&S Stacy Peralta warptail (1976-1977)
“I don’t have any of my old original boards, so I always try to find replacements at swap meets or on ebay, antique shows or trades or whatever. This one I found at a Skate Traders held at Skate Lab, in Simi Valley. It’s funny cause they called it Warptail, but it was actually a laminated tail that’s glued on, and then they sanded the bottom so it looked like it was warped, that was before they were able to twist the oak. Stacy sold tons of these. On my original Stacy, I remember I had a couple setups but I ended up getting Bennett trucks and Tunnel Rocks wheels…
Anyway when I got home with this one, I still had the original griptape from my own board, cause my home-made sand paper griptape wore out, but I kept it cause I had painted on it. Too bad I bought the wrong sized board, cause these boards used to come in three different sizes. This is the 28, and I had the 26-inch! But it’s close enough to my heart for what it is, you know? The former owner’s name is carved on it. Mark Grovic, I think it says.”

mountain_alva28Alva Tri-Logo Pig deck 10’’ (1978-79)
“There’s only a few boards that are my all-time favorites. There’s a 8-inch Alva that could have been one, but after that I got a 10-inch Alva, and loved it better. Luckily when I started skating, I had all the boards that you’re supposed to have, really. I never had a Dogtown board, but I did take my Alva board and painted a Dogtown cross over it after I saw Alva riding one in a magazine! This is a reproduction of the exact setup I had on this board, with the mixed-up Alva wheels, they were called Flatbacks I think. After this board I became part of the skatepark teams, Ray ‘Bones’ [Rodriguez] board kind of times, which would be one of my favorites too, but I couldn’t find one yet. There are two boards I’d love to get : a Powell Ray Bones Snub Nose, and a Darren Miller.”

mountain_zflex15Z-Flex Jay Adams (1977)
“I had the original of this one right after the Stacy, I had the same trucks and wheels on it, but back then the baseplates always broke, so I had Excalibur baseplates, they just fit the Bennetts –The Bennetts’ always broke, which is why ACS became popular. This one is actually a later board than the one I had, the first one had molded griptape on it. I would love to still have it but it got completely destroyed!
This one a friend got ot for me probably four years ago. It’s all fiberglass, I remember everybody had these rashes on their arm from carrying them. It’s really heavy even though someone cut one off and told me there’s cardboard inside, to make it lighter.”

mountain_stecyk03Powell Peralta ‘Vato Skull’ one-shot (1985)
Art by Craig Stecyk

“This is the board that Craig Stecyk screened for me, I rode it in The Bones Brigade Video Show. It was supposed to be my Powell graphic but for whatever reason it never came out as a board. It was just for the video, and they made maybe four of them, total. I had three of them, but two got stolen from my house by a friend who took 70 boards. I remember they did a full shape one, that was stolen, another full shape one that was ridden and stolen, and I still have this one.
So at that point, in 1987, I sort of stopped collecting boards. Anyway, this is the only one that I think is in existence now. Adrian Demain has one too, but it’s a one I made a few years later, and I gave it to him. Over the years I’ve painted it on my boards sometimes, but I’m gonna use this graphic now, on some shoes too.”


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